Temporary Warehouse Structures

 Wahl Tents Event Structures are excited to offer temporary warehouses and long term tent storage as part of our high quality structure rental equipment and services.

100’ wide Losberger structure being used as a temporary warehouse for a long term rental

temporary warehouses

Losberger Structure for long term rentals

Our strong and versatile ClearSpan structures serve very well as temporary warehouses in an array of structure requirements. These temporary warehouses can be used for so many more uses than mere storage space. These sturdy structures are truly a fast and very economical way to quickly get that extra covered space needed for your farm, construction site, company, field office, or off-site project. These temporary warehouses can be erected quickly, and can be constructed on regular ground, grass, asphalt or concrete. Since there is no permanent foundation required to set up these structures, they can be taken down quickly.

temporary storage solutions

100’ wide Losberger structure

These temporary warehouses are available in widths of 20’, 40’, 60’ and 100’ increments, making them conveniently available in the size and at the location you need. Although referred to as temporary warehouses, these ClearSpan structures are sturdy enough to hold all your warehousing or covered space needs for a season, year, or many years.

temporary warehouses storage

Losberger Structure as Temporary warehouse

Don’t let the harsh outdoor elements, the risk of theft or damage get the best of your goods or equipment.  The ClearSpan temporary warehouse structures are an excellent, affordable, and very economical solution to your space problems.

Whether your temporary warehouse requirement be small, medium or large, we at  Wahl Tents Event Structures have the perfect space solution for you! Our experienced and professional team of Clearspan Structure experts can help you with smart space solutions. Talk to us anytime – http://wahltentrental.com/   Phone: 586-493-0563