Detroit ClearSpan Structures

Designed to impress! The benefits of Detroit ClearSpan structures are plentiful. It creates an incredibly strong interior space without any obstructing center supports. This means that it is a very adaptable option for many high end applications. This structure is capable of covering trees 20ft. high, pools, fountains, and more.

Detroit ClearSpan Structures are available in 40 and 60 foot widths with unlimited lengths by 15 foot increments. Top panels are available in solid white or spectacular Majestic Clearview, mix them up or keep them the same, your choice. Sidewall options include solid white or the Majestic Clearview as well, or just leave it open for an ultimate air flow event!

If you are planning to host a classy event, Detroit ClearSpan Structures are the perfect option. Whether it’s a corporate event or a family wedding, these Clearspan structures are the ideal choice with Wahl Tent’s lighting, flooring and staging options. Trust Wahl Tents Event Structures to provide you with a choice of customizable options.

Have peace of mind knowing this is an extreme high weather rated structure with wind ratings exceeding 90 mph.

With our inventory of Clearspan structures in Detroit, we are able to cover any event. So whether you are creating a special event in Detroit, a corporate gala in Rochester, a luxury wedding in Gross Pointe, or holding a community event to impress – Your choice is Clear!

Introducing our New 100’ (30m) wide Losberger Clear Span structure

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