The turning of the seasons, especially from fall to winter, some people think is a time to hunker down and do the ‘great indoors’. We at Wahl Tents Event Structures know otherwise. Surprisingly, winter heralds in some of the best times, landscapes, reasons, and opportunities for great outdoor soirees, celebrations, and events. Wahl Event Structures can help you with your top to bottom winter party tent rentals, from providing you with a variety of durable and elegant outdoor tents to choose from, and all the trimmings you would need to host a fabulous winter party for your family and friends, guests, clients or neighbors.  Don’t let the winter become a long and dull time of year, here are some creative ideas to make the best of this magical season:

Outdoor fire places can be an amazing element for winter parties. They become the focal point, the gathering place and a big ambiance creator for any winter gathering. If an expensive fancy fire place is not within your reach, you can always opt for portable chimeneas, fire pits or bonfires.

Before filling up your winter party tent rental with your special guests, think about what can add to the ambiance and the event? If it is a big corporate event, we can always provide you appropriate seating and flooring and chandeliers and the like, but if it is a less formal do, you can get very creative with the things you do and fill up your tent with. From using hay bales for seating and old wine barrels as tables, and sticks to roast marshmallows, string lights or jar lanterns, cozy couches etc., etc., Your winter do is only limited by your imagination.

You can kick it up a notch by organizing some fun games around the fire place with hot chocolate, campfire songs, and the great smore roast off. Watching an outdoor movie with a projector is another idea. Compliment the night with some hearty hot soups, warm finger foods and a preferred warm dinner item for you and your guests.

There’s something truly spectacular and magical about a snow-kissed landscape and the fresh crisp winter air, this winter do something fun gathering with your family, community, clients or guests. We can help with lots of ideas and all your winter party tents rentals. We do it every winter. Come find us at Phone: 586-493-0563