What exactly is a pole tent? A pole tent has poles fixed in the middle of the tent with ropes secured onto stakes. The stakes are securely driven deep enough into the ground around the outside of the tent.

100′ wide pole tent

Pole tents have been around for a long time and have more of a universal, familiar and traditional appeal. The classic design of the pole tent makes it a safe choice for most great outdoor events – weddings, parties, reunions, corporate events, fairs, etc.

Customers favor the classic appearance of a pole tent, and people have shared with us that they like how it ‘looks and feels’ to the onlooker, especially when looking at the tent from the outside. Pole tents naturally create a festive look to the day or evening with its shape soft dips, graceful curves, and typically snow white peak. There is no visible structure or frame running along or around the tent and the whole tent seem to support a seamless look and feel to the center of the celebration. These tents look lovely in photographs, perched in the middle of green grass, fair grounds or a sandy beach.

Pole tents are not usually recommended for concrete settings as the stakes do need to be driven into the ground.

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