When it comes to celebrating your wedding or any kind of special event for that matter, you want everything to be perfect, and we all have our own unique idea of perfect when it comes to location, setting, theme, season, décor, lighting, cuisine and every other detail. You want to remember your special celebration as a memorable, fun, happy and one of the best events of your life!


Let’s look at the top three reasons why it is a wise and good thing to actually hire a professional event management company in Detroit like Wahl Tents to make your special day, indeed special!

1. The best and most important reason, it is HUGELY time saving for you to leave it to the professionals. Tell us what you want and how you want it and have us take care of everything for you! Doing it on your own would mean getting ten, fifteen or even more separate entities to all work together to make your event a success. Not only would this take up huge chunk of your time, but it would mean you would be really busy making sure all is well during your celebration than enjoying the event and your guests! At Wahl Tents you can entrust us with all of your event and party requirements, and you can be assured of our professional service with a smile. We will ensure that your event is not one you will forget, we will take care of everything and pay extra attention to your important details!

2. An experienced outdoor event management company like Wahl Tents cannot only save you time, but as importantly, money! With our twenty plus years of experience and knowledge, we will cater to all of your event requirements at affordable and fair prices.

3. At Wahl Tents our experienced event planners are full of energy, creativity, solutions and ideas, once you explain what is it that you have in mind for your special celebration, our event planners will ensure you of a very smooth set-up, execution and take-down, giving you the joy and opportunity to enjoy your big day stress free and happy from start to finish!
Call us today and find out just how special and remarkable we can make your next event!
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