At Wahl Tents we have had our share of helping to make many, many weddings special and fun for our brides & grooms. Here are the top five reasons why an outdoor, backyard wedding may be one of the best, most memorable and fun ways to go…

Event structures for Detroit weddings

1. No waiting list and no venue cost (technically two reasons) – Whether you are looking at renting the local Country Club or the grand ball room in a fancy hotel, there is typically an availability hurdle you have to jump over, not to mention the big venue cost that comes with such locations.

2. Lots of freedom and less rules, or restrictions – When it’s your own (or that of a family or friend’s) backyard, you have a lot more freedom and flexibility to plan your day and your wedding with more of your likes and tastes, than you would at a more formal setting or location.

3. You can dress up or dress down – You have the total freedom to fancy it up or tone it down, depending on which way you want to go. Be it a bohemian inspired theme wedding, country wedding, rustic wedding, farm wedding or a mix of themes, it’s your backyard… you decide it to fit your tastes. With other locations there may be traditional dress codes etc. that are required as part of the venue rules, or etiquette.

4. Community involvement, or not! – This may be a great way to get your friends and family involved (or not). Again, it is simpler and more practical either way. While other traditional venues and settings may require the help or services of professionals or experienced wedding coordinators, a backyard wedding may provide the ideal setting and opportunity to get the help and involvement of your loved ones.

5. Endless possibilities – There is almost no limit to how creative you can get… a backyard wedding gives you the opportunity to decorate, set up, organize food, build a bon fire, engage in fun games like croquet, badminton, ring-toss and more… you name it, if the space and city ordinances allow it, you got it!

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