It’s definitely January and it’s definitely cold! No argument there. That doesn’t mean you have to catch the winter blues. Here in Metro Detroit there’s plenty to do, keep active, and have a lot of fun doing it.


Here are three great ideas for winter fun without flying to the Alps:

  1. Throw an outdoor Winter Theme Party: If you have young kids, especially girls who love Anna & Elsa… How about a ‘Frozen” themed winter party? It won’t be long before everybody gets in on the Frozen frenzy and begin enjoying your awesome winter party. There is no limit to what you can do or how fun you can make these parties, imagination is the only limit. Be sure to check out all the cool ways we can help you plan and throw your perfect outdoor Winter Theme Party at


  1. Winter sleigh day: Embrace the season with open arms and get outside! Pick the perfect spot (Stony Creek, Belle Isle, local park or even your own backyard). Get those sleighs slipping and sliding down the hills and make merry. Gather around your friends, family, neighbors both young and old and have the perfect winter fun with a sleigh party! Wahl Tents can help with the tents, chairs, tables, even heaters if you wanted to warm up from time to time and much more. Find out more and talk to us at


  1. Winter Campfire Nights: Why not? Turn your backyard into the prefect campsite. Fire pit, covered BBQ, string lights, tables, chairs, music, lights and even a dance floor. Camp fire songs, marshmallows, music, laughter, great food and great fun! Invite your friends and family and enjoy an awesome winter campfire get together. You will be amazed at how much fun this could be. Talk to us atWahl Tents for more ideas and how we could help you host the perfect Campfire night.

Winter does not have to be long and boring, or cold and languid. There are plenty of neat and fun ideas that can turn a regular winter weekend to an unforgettable and special time with your friends and family. Talk to us, we will help you create amazing winter memories!   Phone: 586-493-0563