More Than a Tent or Two…

clearspan for corporate events
Happy New Year everyone! Here’s wishing all of you a grand 2021, and a healthy and happy one indeed! It is hard to imagine that 2021 is already here!

We at Wahl Tents Event Structures are not only wishing you the very best, but we are optimistic and excited to work hard and band together with the many communities we serve to usher in a truly happy and prosperous ‘new year’.

Like many of you, we too look toward and forward to all the new possibilities that come with the dawn of another new year, especially this new year. As we travel to many new and familiar sites to erect tents and outdoor event structures, we are strongly committed to building more than outdoor tents or structures – but to helping our clients, neighborhoods, cities, small businesses, schools, hospitals & clinics, and many, many others build back and build strong! In 2021, we want to see you come back singing your fight songs and drumming your victory parades!

And if it is one tent that will help create extra space to get more customers, one event structure to make more space to worship together safely, or work, or test, or help create the extra space you need to stay open, or reopen, then, that is our pledge to you.

Wahl Tents Event Structures are not only about outdoor event structures and tent rentals, we are a part of this community, and this community is a part of us! We are not going anywhere.

Even as parts of our neighborhoods are blanketed with fresh white snow, and all around us this translucent landscape is patiently preparing to make way for lush new life come spring, taking a que from Mother Nature herself, let us greet the New Year with faith and new hope, and with great anticipation for our communities, country, and others such as ourselves far and wide – that we will indeed lift each other build back, and build strong! Call us in 2021 and anytime – (586) 493-0563

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