1. Occasion: Consider the event and the occasion carefully. Are you planning to rent a tent or tents and other outdoor event equipment for a wedding, summer party,  birthday party etc. This will help you keep your entire event planning in the proper perspective.

2. Guests: How many guests are you planning to invite? Are they a good mix of kids and older guests, are they mostly grownups only? Would you have a few guests with disabilities or other challenges that would be a part of your outdoor event celebration?

3. Venue: Where are you planning your big day or night? Your back yard, the park, the beach, your grandfather’s barn or farm, the rooftop of your apartment complex? Location matters in everything, it does so in planning your tent rentals and event planning as well!

4. Time of year: What season are you doing this in? As you can imagine what and how you would plan your event with your tent rental company in the summer would be very different to how you would do an event in the winter.

5. Budget: Keep in mind it is not only the structure you would need to rent. You would need flooring, tables, chairs, décor, linens, lighting, heating or fans if needed etc. Consider the ‘whole event’ and keep in mind the extra bits that would go a long way to make it a memorable event and make you and your special guests happy!

6. Time: Take into account time for set up and time for tear-down. You would have different requirements for this depending on your venue and the time your event is likely to end.

7. Terrain: Once you pick your ideal location consider the ground the tents will be erected upon. Are there sprinklers, cables, pipes or other factors you need to alert the crew to be cautious with?

8. Permits: Typically if your event is a private celebration in your back yard or in a residential property, you would not require a permit, but it is always a good and safe idea to check with the local authorities beforehand.

9. Planning: This is just as important as the other considerations. Plan ahead! As much as you possibly can, this will help you discuss your options with your tent rental company well in advance and plan accordingly.

10. Fun: Last but not least, remember this is your special event, your celebration, your family & friends and your night or day! Have fun and make lots of happy memories!

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