Tent Rental Detroit F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tent Rentals

1. Do I need a floor in my tent?

No, flooring is completely optional. If you are interested in flooring, we do have several different options to best fit your needs.

2. I want to rent your 20’x30′ and set it up myself, will you do that?

We take pride in the quality of our equipment and we have trained professionals to properly handle and install all tents. Due to the high risk factor of damages that could occur due to improper installation, we do not offer the option of the customer installing the tents themselves.

3. Do you have tents for use in the winter?

Of course we do! We supply and install tents in all types of weather conditions. We even have airtight ClearSpan tents that keep the heat in and the cold out!

4. What about heating tents in the winter?

Our rentable heaters play a large role for winter events. We have several different options available for heaters to best fit your expectations.

5How far in advance should I book my event rentals?

The answer to this question varies depending on your event date. For the months of June, July, August and September, we begin booking out early in the year. I would highly recommend booking in as early as possible. You can still make adjustments to your order after booking in your date as late as 30 days prior to your event without penalty.

6. What is the difference between a pole tent and a frame tent?

A Pole Tent is a tension tent. It is erected by poles in the center of the tent where the canvas is then pulled taught over poles around the perimeter and staked down on all 4 sides of the tent 3’-6’ from the sides of the tent. It is important to remember to keep that extra space for the stake lines in mind while determining the size tent that will fit on your property.

A Frame Tent is a free-standing tent, which is built piece by piece with the canvas laid over top of the framework. The frame tent does not require to be staked down; it can be anchored down by weights if staking is not an option.

7. Where are you located?

We are located at 44550 N. Groesbeck Hwy in Clinton Twp, MI. We are ¼ mile south of Hall Rd (M-59) on the East side of Groesbeck.

8. What type of deposit is required?

Residential customers and weddings require a non-refundable 50% deposit at the time of reservation. First time corporate/commercial clients require the 20% deposit 2 weeks prior to the event date.

9. What happens if I need to cancel or change my order?

If you need to cancel, please contact us immediately. Our cancellation policy is as follows:

Refunds on cancelled items are as follows (this applies to each and every item cancelled, even if it is the entire order. This does not include the deposit, as the deposit is nonrefundable):

  • Cancelling 30+ days prior to delivery date- 100% refund on cancelled item(s).
  • Cancelling within 14-29 days prior to delivery date- 75% refund on cancelled item(s)
  • Cancelling within 8-13 days prior to delivery- 50% refund on cancelled item(s)
  • 7 days or less—–No refund given on any items

10. Can I cancel part of my order?

Yes, please refer to the answer above (Q.9)

11. Does Wahl Tents provide wedding/event coordination services?

Yes we do. Our experienced sales team is happy to help you organize your event from start to finish. We have plenty of resources to make your weddings and events a true success!

12. Does Wahl Tents have linens to fit all size tables?

Wahl Tents carries a large assortment of linens in many sizes and colors. Our linens can accommodate 8’ & 6’ rectangle tables, as well as 72”, 60”, 42” and 30” round tables.

13. If you don’t have what I am looking for, can you find it?

Indeed we can! We have many different resources and contacts to find you just what you need.

14. Can I rent the tent from you and set it up myself?

Please refer to the answer to question #2

15. What happens if I lose or break a rental item?

Customer is solely responsible for all rental items during the rental period from installation through take down. The customer assumes responsibility for any and all damages due to negligence, theft, vandalism, misuse, or other avoidable occurrences during this rental period. This responsibility of the customer includes paying the full replacement charge of any and all lost or damaged items. If upon delivery any equipment is missing or does not function properly, please notify our office immediately! If it is after office hours, our emergency line is available to take your call and Wahl Tents will replace those non-functioning or missing items for you immediately.

16. What accessories do you provide?

We carry many accessories for the tents including tent liners, pole/leg drapes, chandeliers & many other lighting options, tables, chairs, bars, linens, dance floors and so much more!

17. How far will you travel to set up and provide your services?

We will travel anywhere! We do not have any restricted areas; we even travel out of State!

18. Do you come out to inspect the location before set up?

If you are not confident about determine the size tent that will fit your property, we can come out to perform an onsite survey/measurement for the onetime cost of $25.

If you have any other questions that is not answered in our above Tent Rental Detroit faq, please call us on 586-493-0563 or contact us