Does that sound like your typical online search when you are looking to hire a tent or tents for your next special event? It probably does. If so, what are the other critical factors that you should consider when you do find the tent rentals near me?

Here at Wahl Event Structures we have been showing up event after event, year after year, for over twenty years now as the “tent rentals near me” for thousands of our customers with the same great service and dependability.

So here are a few tips for you to remember when you search for “tent rentals near me”…

  • Location: The type of tent you would need largely depends on where you will host your event – grassy field, backyard, concrete floor, poolside, etc, etc.
  •  Seasons: If your event is in a location that see the seasons change, then that is a very crucial factor of course. If it is winter time you want sturdy flooring, good lighting and heating. If it is summer, then you certainly will want to consider fans or coolers and appropriate lighting etc.
  • Numbers: The size of your tent would depend on the number of guests you will host under the tent or tents. Depending on the kind of celebration it is, you would want to leave ample space for dancing, buffet tables, drinks or bar, band or DJ, etc, etc.

So if you are looking for that “tent rental near me”, please be sure to talk to our friendly, experienced, and skilled staff about what it is that you want to do and celebrate. We will have the perfect and most creative ideas and suggestions to plan and host your celebration. Visit us at  or talk to our friendly staff at: 586-493-0563