Tent Rentals for Parties

It is easier than you might imagine to turn your backyard (big or small) into a party venue with a good tent rental, and a little bit of planning ahead of time.

Tent rentals for parties don’t have to be complicated, difficult, or stressful. We at Wahl Tents Event Structures have some sound tent rental tips for you whether you are looking to host a big summer cookout, elegant wedding, or anything in between. Summer just seems to bring out one too many reasons, causes and ‘excuses’ to throw an outdoor bash for your family and friends. And if looking for a venue is a hassle, too expensive, and just too time consuming, we’ve got plenty of ideas to convert your own backyard into your favorite party spot.

Start with a great tent rental for your party. Think about your celebration and how many people you will host and what you want to be doing and how, for example: if you plan on having dancing and require a dance or sturdy floor for your event. It is always fun to have the chance for you and your guests to be ‘movers & shakers’ and dance the night away and just add to the spirit of celebrations. Just make sure it is not imposing on your neighbors in anyway, you never know, they may decide to walk over and join the fun as well! That said, choose a tent from the smaller pole tents, frame or canopy tents to the more elaborate and larger clearspan tents, and to the really glamorous and grand sailcloth tents – depending on the area of your backyard and the scale of your celebration.  

You want your party to be inviting and comfortable for you and your guests. So, think about how many tables and what type of tables and chairs you would want to rent. You can think about smaller pockets of guests sitting closely together and spread out under the tent, or a longer, bigger communal table where everyone sits together. Remember center pieces, candles or table lanterns, and flowers can all help create the right mood setting for your party.  

Then bring in the lights to create your own special ambiance – white lights, colored lights, fairy lights, string lights, there are many moods and feels to choose from. You can go the extra mile and add on paper lanterns and other such décor to add more of a festive and unique feel to your backyard tent party. These little touches, from the lights to the colors, and other decorations and fixtures will help you make the outdoor party tent your own space with your own taste and preferences, and conveniences too. Soon, your backyard would transform into a whole different landscape. 

With the right tent rental, the fitting décor and seating, and the added touches of beautiful lighting and a dance floor or bar, you can create a striking party venue in your own backyard without having to empty out your pockets. We are here, and happy to help you get started. Please call us to discuss ideas over the phone: 586-493-0563, or stop by our office in Clinton Township, MI.