Before you choose your tent rental supplier of tent rentals in Detroit, MI for your next special event… it is always good to do your homework.  This way you have the peace of mind to know that you chose well, and the confidence to know it would be a job well done.

So, here are a few key pointers that is sure to help even the most discerning of customers when it comes to planning and hiring your next tent rental in Detroit, or the Metro area.

  • Ask for customer references and / or testimonials. This is a great way to find out firsthand how the tent rental company dealt with other people just like you, and how happy or dissatisfied they are with the rental company’s service and tent rental equipment.
  •  Service to you, or in other words customer service. Does someone pick up the phone when you call? Do they know what they are talking about and can they help you with the right answers, and more importantly, do they ask you the right questions? Do they have enough experience and know-how?
  • Reliability. Is this a tent rental out of someone’s garage or is there a physical facility and company that you can visit, and meet with professional event planning staff? On the day of your special event or the day before or after, would you be able to speak with a person who can actually help you with any last minute questions you may have with regard to the tent rental.
  • Quality & safety. Would your tent or tents create a good impression for your event and with your guests? Will they look good in the photographs? Are the tents faded out, dirty, torn or all wrinkled up? Or do they look bright and sturdy and ready to dazzle? Are the tents safe? Are they strong, well maintained equipment? And the tents erected correctly and properly?
  • Selection.  Can the staff walk you through a few appealing options for what you have in mind? Are they creative with their input and ideas? Is there a good selection of tent rentals that you can choose from?

No matter what your idea or plan is, this is your big event, your special ceremony! You need a creative and experienced team of Tent Rental experts to help you make your event a big success. We at Wahl Tents Event Structures can certainly help, and would be happy to help you with your Tent Rental from A to Z.  Let’s talk –   Phone: 586-493-0563