Temporary warehouses in Detroit, MI

temporary warehouses in Detroit

Here at Wahl Event Structures we are constantly adding to our services, equipment, expertise, and experience. There has been a lot of interest in our Temporary Warehouse Structures and this would be a good time to offer you some additional information on it.

The greatest benefit of Temporary Warehouse Structures is exactly that, they are temporary and therefore mobile to most locations and places and are quickly constructed and accessible.

Most often different projects, construction sites, large scale industry assignments, additional storage or warehousing needs can pose unique and difficult challenges when it comes to providing the crew with covered space they may need for housing their equipment, machinery, supplies, paperwork and plans, and other project resources. Temporary Warehouse Structures are a very speedy, economical, and spacious logistical solution to what sometimes our clients say can be a logistical nightmare!

Temporary Warehouse Structures provide your facility supervisors, production crew, or project managers easy on-site access to the equipment or supplies they need to get the job done without long transportation delays of equipment or supplies, or the lack of material on site. Temporary Warehouse Structures can be set up to any size or capacity required by the specifics of the project, budget and space needed for as long or as short as you may need it. The covered space can be readily installed and available and can be equipped with the heating or cooling you may prefer. Temporary Warehouse Structures can be set up on any ground surface such as grass, asphalt, concrete, pavement, etc.

These affordable and readily installed Temporary Warehouse Structures are sturdy and durable in the harshest of elements and can be a safe haven to your greatest asset on the job, your employees. In addition to keeping your supplies and parts safe, these covered spaces make for a great conferencing or planning space while on site. They also help to provide the workers with a covered space from the elements to take their meal breaks, write reports, or plan for the next day or the next phase of the project.

Temporary Warehouse Structures can be easily uninstalled and transported to your next outdoor operation or site, it can be added onto to make bigger, or minimized to make it smaller.

We at Wahl Event Structures have a wealth of experience and an array of solutions to all your space and warehouse needs. We invite you to come and talk to us and find the most affordable, resourceful, and customized Temporary Warehouse Structure that is just right for you, your crew, and project.

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