Tents Rentals in Michigan (and in many other places) is what we at Wahl Tents do and do very well! We have been doing ‘all things Tent Rentals’ for over twenty years now. In this time and after thousands of carefully catered to and created outdoor events, we have a few tips we always like to share with our valued customers when it comes to Structure Tents MI, particularly.

Planning makes perfect! 

It maybe your baby shower, wedding, family reunion, a family graduation, a fall festival or anything in between you may be planning, hosting or helping with. First things first – plan, plan and then plan some more! Think about all the details, what kind of tent, weather/time of year, how many guests, theme, special accommodations or unique ideas you want worked in. We have helped our customers from the smallest request to some of the most unique wishes they had for their special or big celebration! It pays to plan ahead and doesn’t hurt to ask us.

Structure Tents MI by Wahl Tents

Basics are important! 

One important and easy way to make your outdoor event easier to hold and more fun to enjoy is to cover the basics quickly of Tent Rentals – ask us about table, chair, linen, and other needed event, structure and tent rentals, our dedicated staff is always happy to help you plan your big event!

Mother Nature is boss!

Summer is a super time to have outdoor parties, events and weddings. It is also the time of most thunder storms. Fall is beautiful and crisp here in Michigan, but can also be windy and cold at times. Spring has excited us for the changing weather, but it can still turn more cold and wet than warm and dry sometimes. Winter galas are a specialty of ours. That said, talk to us about what we could do to keep you and your special guests comfortable, safe, warm or cool, and dry and happy during your special celebration.

Talk to us at Wahl Tents and we would be happy to help you plan and enjoy your best Tent Rental experience ever! We will work with you to cater to your unique needs and create the most wonderful celebration for you and your guests! http://wahltentrental.com/ Phone: 586-493-0563