The Versatility of Sailcloth Tents

With the freedom of summer (and the ability and the safety to social distance within outdoor tents so easily), Wahl Tents Events Structures is buzzing with a new rhythm of activity and motion. We are excited to have so many of you call us and visit us inquiring and making bookings for our Sailcloth tents, and we’d like to take this opportunity to share with you a few versatile uses these beautiful tents play for different people, for different functions. 

With beautifully flowing ivory sailcloth panels and signature pennant flags hoisted at the top, these sweeping Sailcloth tents are completely weatherproof – resistant to rain, wind, snow and sun. These elegant statement tents are available in a variety of configurations, and are perfect for a wide range of occasions from large family gatherings to full-scale corporate galas. 

Here are a few popular celebrations and functions that the Sailcloth tents are most requested for – 

Weddings: The graceful dreamy aesthetic of the Sailcloth tents is a strong appeal to most couples planning their special nuptial celebrations in the sun or rain, day or night. 

Corporate Banquets or Galas: The Sailcloth tents are an extremely elegant choice for hosting a broad range of corporate outdoor gatherings. These versatile tents are popularly requested, be it for a small intimate poolside or lawn gathering at a private residence, or for a full gamut of corporate gatherings, fundraisers, cocktail parties, or events.   

Charity Events, Auctions & Festivals: Wahl Tents Events Structures specializes in installing charity or outdoor event, auction and festival installations from small county fairs to more large-scale, labor-intensive or complex projects with varying configurations and complexity. We have numerous summer events we are looking forward to setting up our festive spacious Aurora Sailcloth tents for this season.    

Sporting Arenas or Events: We partner with several sporting event organizers both locally and nationally to help create additional and new spaces for sporting fans and organizers to safely enjoy and organize the sport they love. With our industry experience and expertise, it is easy to re-imagine and create not only the safe and additional space you need, but also great after-parties or celebrations within these magnificently engineered and adaptable Aurora Sailcloth tents.  

Wahl Tents Events Structures also offers long-term, short-term, seasonal and customized rental packages of our versatile Sailcloth tents for a wide range of events, venues, and private or select locations to suit your unique needs. Our extensive and clean tent inventory combined with our own in-house logistics capabilities, and super friendly and professional crew, allow us to serve clients both here in the Metro Detroit area, and anywhere across our great nation. 

If you have an idea, or a question about what we can do for you, or how we can work with you, please don’t hesitate to call us or visit us with confidence at our office. We carefully adhere to all State mandated Covid-19 safety protocols. The versatility of the Sailcloth tents, and how possible it is to re-imagine your next outdoor event to a whole new level of elegance and class with them, is simply endless. We’d love to hear your ideas or answer any questions you may have. Tele: 586-493-0563