If summer is not your ideal ‘dream wedding season’, and you’d rather celebrate your nuptials with a white winter wonderland around you – then, the Michigan winters might be just what you need! 

Well, with proper advanced planning, it can be exactly how you want your wedding to be. How unique, elegant, beautiful and memorable it can be is all in the details.  

All that beautiful white snow does not have to be a damper! It can help create the dream winter-scape you have in mind, and the elegant Sailcloth tent can be the central piece you need for your outdoor venue to pull it altogether. 

These beautiful, graceful Sailcloth tents can provide you with ample space, shelter from the elements you don’t want, and with a sturdy (and warm) gathering space to celebrate your big day in what can truly be a very unique celebration. 

Make sure to share the number of guests, food and drinks, dancing & music, and seating details etc. with us, so that we may help you put together the best possible winter wedding you have in mind. 

In addition to the stunning aesthetics of the Sailcloth tent to create the ideal winter ambiance with soft golden lighting and décor etc., important and essential inclusions like proper flooring and heating can help you and your guests feel warm, safe, cozy and comfortable.  

In addition to creating a warm and inviting event space, you can also be sure to ask your guests to have appropriate winter dress attire, be sure to have a safe and well-accessible walk way to your venue, have a designated coat check area and a person to help with that, and little extras like hot chocolate or warm cider, can indeed contribute to creating a truly memorable, grand and special winter wedding celebration.  

While an outdoor winter wedding can be truly unique and spectacular, it does require a lot of planning with care and careful attention. So don’t wait till winter is upon us, give us a call today or stop by our office, and we can help you plan a magical winter wedding or event celebration. Reach us over the phone on: 586-493-0563, or stop by our office in Clinton Township, MI.  

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