Aurora SailCloth Tents

The Aurora SailCloth tents are much more than what meets the eye – but, as our delighted clients continue to tell us over and over again, it is certainly so beautifully beholding to the eyes! 

These nautical themed beauties are not only easy on the eyes, but they are engineered to be a worthy match to any type of weather, any season, any day of the week. It is fascinating that these Aurora SailCloth tents so rich with soft aesthetic appeal, are built so sturdily with powerful withstanding capabilities against the harshest of elements from sun, wind, rain or snow.  

The soft dancing lines and eaves across the sheer top of these sailcloth tents create a dazzling persona for the tent and the event parameter, and the expertly engineered structure, sailcloth, frame and design offer superior protection and greater peace of mind for you – no matter what you are celebrating or gathering for under these flowing ivory sails at the clear of midday, or in the glowing twilight hours… 

The absolute translucent expanse on top and the large area within the Aurora SailCloth tent, provides your event with the generous uninterrupted space you need, and the unhindered visual beauty that is so striking and easy to create a certain ambiance with. 

Aurora SailCloth tents are carefully crafted and brought to life by the finest of craftsmen who draw inspirations from the rolling lazy ocean and whispering sailing winds, and such, they seem to innately unravel a little nautical poetry each time they are hoisted under the night sky or at the noon hour.  

These elegant statement sailcloth tents are truly a perfect and stunning choice for your next outdoor celebration or event. We are always finding new and creative ways to raise the bar in outdoor structures and tenting for our clients, and we would love to help you create your own magic under the Aurora SailCloth tents. Please give us a call anytime or feel free to visit us in person during office hours. Tele: (586) 493-0563