Sailcloth Pole Tents

Our Sailcloth Tents are a simple and elegant alternative to standard pole tents offering rounded ends and translucent tops. SailCloth Pole Tents are accessorized with beautifully wood-finished poles, providing a light and airy appeal to your special occasion. The SailCloth Tent is a happy, almost a ‘unique’ medium between solid and clear top tents, and they help create a beautiful, almost illuminative glow – especially when nighttime sets in creating its own kind of aesthetic to any event.

These graceful SailCloth Tents will certainly protect you and your guests from nature’s elements as well, as they are also engineered with recommended ballasting and 90 mph ASD.

The Sailcloth Tent is a very trendy tenting option inspired by Pinterest. These glamorous tents are one of the hottest and most popular trends for outdoor weddings and special events in tenting in 2021.

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