“I cannot do all good that the world needs but the world needs all the good that I can do.” Jana Stanfield

In these most demanding, turbulent, and trying of times, across every nation, city, community, and neighborhood, let us remind ourselves of the perseverance, strength, resolve, and the kindness of the human spirit. Apart, but not alone, let this be more than a headline or a slogan we read or tell ourselves. Let this thinking and doing, be our way forward, our way of reaching out to one another, and helping our families, co-workers, neighbors, first responders, and fellow human beings.

We can lift each other up, encourage each other, help each other and look out for each other. Neighborhoods, communities, cities, states and nations, bit by bit, the ripples of caring and giving and doing can grow larger and larger and touch the shore on the other side. And that is all we need to make a difference, to lift a burden, bring a smile to another’s heart, a little food to the table or a few much needed supplies to another, young or old, able or disabled… the Covid-19 virus is not a discriminator of people by any means. Then, why would we want a virus, that is so harmful, to be better at this than we are?

We don’t need an act of congress to be kind or neighborly or good, God has deposited in each of us, so much love and so much good, let’s choose to spread that around in ways and measures that are safe, wise, and not harmful to ourselves, our loved ones, or our communities. We can and must be physically apart for now, social distancing saves lives, but we can also choose to be kind, good, and let the very best of humanity emerge within ourselves in these most challenging of times. Our neighbors, our families, our communities, need all the good we can give and to be the best that we can be. We can be better for this, from this! As history will record a global pandemic, it can also etch great monuments of deep human kindness and triumphs of love in times such as these. Let us be counted, and recorded with our little acts of kindness, generosity and love.

Wahl Tents is available 24/7, we are here to help in every way we can! We have a wide selection of medical and emergency tents, and COVID-19 testing tents. The tents can be any size that is needed, and we will not only help our local communities and state, but are able and willing to travel wherever we may be needed, nationwide.

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