Winter is upon us again, although it brings with it a stark and snowy beauty all its own, living here in Michigan, we are reminded of its harsher elements and sometimes unforgiving and brutal nature. But, we at Wahl Tent Event Structures are not the faint at heart, even as we love and enjoy creating beautiful and versatile outdoor event tents for our clients throughout Michigan and in many other states in the spring, summer, and fall, and so it is in the winter. We would never let cold weather get in the way of our clients’ plans for a great outdoor bash or celebration.

Outdoor winter tent rentals during the colder season comes with a certain responsibility and courtesy to your guests and their comfort and safety. Nobody is going to have a good time shivering and cold! You can plan the perfect and coziest outdoor winter event with these few tips –

Pick the right outdoor winter tent rental, this is your first step toward how successful and memorable your winter event would be. At Wahl Tent Event Structures, we have a wide and very versatile array of outdoor winter tent rentals for you to choose from, including our spectacular Clearspan tent rentals.

Pick a suitable venue, we would be happy to do a site check before the event and discuss the pros and cons of your chosen outdoor location. This is important as it helps with a smooth set up, seamless event, and an efficient tear down.

Pick the right heating options, lighting, flooring, seating, food and drinks, and music, and you will transform the most mundane and drab landscape or venue into a magical winter wonderland, for your unique celebration and event. You can go as cozy and comfy or as bold and formal as you want, depending on the event and location, you can always plan for a separate tent for portable restroom facilities as well, if needed.

With the right outdoor winter tent rental, and some careful planning and thoughtful considerations toward your guests, their comfort and safety, and genuinely wanting your winter event to be a fun and happy celebration or gathering, it is not too hard or impossible to pull off. This is what Wahl Tent Event Structures do, season in, season out! We help you light up the outdoors when it is dark, and shelter you when it is too harsh.

Don’t let the winter blues trap you indoors, call us or visit us, and our outdoor winter tent rental and event planning team will be happy to help you create your next special winter gathering.  Phone: 586-493-0563