As Michigan, much like the rest of the country try to charter our course forward amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, local and state-wide businesses, organizations, hospitals, pharmacies, churches & places of worship, restaurants, etc. etc. are choosing to utilize outdoor tents as a viable extension of space.

With social distancing and space clearly being an extreme priority, workplaces and organizations are looking to turn their respective grounds, parking lots, and other available outdoor spaces into ‘work or usable space’ in an unprecedented way. As this is certainly a new way of navigating public spaces and interactions, outdoor tenting solutions are becoming increasingly popular and needed.

Wahl Tents Event Structures are proud and honored to continue to provide and help with this much needed resource – outdoor tenting, in numerous locations in numerous ways.

We at Wahl Tents Event Structures, want to REITERATE our commitment, desire and willingness to help our communities, Michigan, and our country get back on its feet as best and as safely as possible. This is a time and a crisis in which we all need to come together, work together, and build together. As a community, as Americans, our strength, our economic recovery, and our tomorrows largely depend on us banding together in unity and harmony, and in our common resolve to help eradicate this virus and all of its chaos from becoming a dreaded and a long-lingering reality now and in the future.

As we continue to be patient with each other and follow safety guidelines in public places, and help those in our communities in a myriad of ways as best as we can, let’s remind ourselves, our families, and those around us that working together is the only best way forward. Not one of us, alone, can be victorious. Our work places, schools, manufacturing facilities, farms, grocery stores, and so many other areas that make up our everyday lives, and our very communities need to be safe again, and not one of us can achieve that alone. However, each one of us has an important and personal responsibility in how we create our path forward. That is the truth.

So as we at Wahl Tents Event Structures continue to provide so many different types and sizes of outdoor tents, ranging from a variety of frame tents, clearspan tents, and pole tents to many different organizations and locations, we want to salute the resilience and the strength of our different communities and our common fight against the pandemic to make our tomorrows better and stronger.

We want to encourage you – don’t give up hope, the opportunities to help, and the ability to make a difference where it matters the most, or the least. The point is that we make a difference where and when we can, no matter how slight or grand. And someone in someway is certainly better for it!

We are here with you: Call us at 586-493-0563.