We know how exciting it is to plan and work toward your big celebration and special event, be it a wedding, birthday, holiday party or a great big get-together or celebration.

When your special occasion is planned and held outdoor, while we as an outdoor event company, help you plan and host the perfect event, often we find that our clients don’t put a lot of thought into what would help us help you. In other words, if the ‘set-up’ and ‘tear-down’ of the event is also part of the event planning, this would certainly save time, money and a lot of hassle.

Plymouth 100 wide Losberger structure

Here is a list of key considerations for your outdoor event:

1. Who is our go-to-person, our main contact regarding and during the event? If this is established and shared with us BEFORE the big day and event, then we have one person we will work with, check in with and check out with. This will help with seamless operations as opposed to five people giving us five different types of instructions or requirements.
2. Where do we load and unload? While this may not seem like a big question, we can’t stress enough on the importance of letting us know this, again, BEFORE we drive in on the big day. This way there is no time and energy wasted, we arrive and get straight to work.

3. Final details and confirmation of same. If you want the big tent on the South side of the lawn, then we need to know that BEFORE it gets erected on the West side of the lawn! 🙂

4. Designated areas or special requests. Keep in mind if there is a DJ or Band, special lighting, or a gift table, big cake etc. we need to know how you want it done, where and when etc.

5. Specific and special times that we need to be aware of. This is just as important as everything else – the latest by when you want the set up completed, what time to tear down, where to park the trucks or how long we could park for, times there is no parking allowed on the street or anything unique to your event location that is specified by particular times or rules.
Take the guess work and hard work out of your big outdoor celebration, trust Wahl to help you plan and host that perfect event.
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