As we try to make our way through and out of a Covid-19 world, and even as another summer is quickly upon us, our guests are having to plan their weddings, corporate events and many other celebrations to be held outdoor now more than ever. This is not simply out of preference, but also because of necessity and safety. When navigating the waters of outdoor structures and tents, the Sailcloth Tents standout in their glimmering nautical beauty for any occasion! 

These stunning Sailcloth Tents possess a beauty and a graceful aesthetic all their own. But don’t let their elegant poetic lines, high peaks and elaborate eaves fool you about how solid they are and their sturdy withstanding powers against the fierce elements of nature – night or day, rain or shine.

You could say the Sailcloth Tents are nautical poetry on land. The sheer translucent beauty of the sailcloth fabric spanning above you permits in all the natural light you want during the day, and creates a soft evening glow at nighttime and almost transforms the venue to a dramatic setting from a fairy tale.  

These magnificently engineered and visually striking Sailcloth Tents are amazingly adaptable to any landscape or location – providing you and your event planners with abundant creative freedom to plan that unforgettable and most unique of celebrations no matter whether it be on the golf course, sandy water shores, rolling greens of grass, orchards or vineyards, asphalt, resort grounds, arena, concrete, you name it. Flexibility is yet another beautiful personality trait of the Sailcloth Tent. 

At Wahl Tents Event Structures, we offer these Sailcloth Tents in a wide selection of sizes and configurations to suit your unique event needs factoring in the space needed for social distancing, and other uninterrupted space needed for head tables, reception areas, presentations, dancing, special seating, dining, cocktails, and bar, etc. etc.   

Sailcloth Tents are certainly in a league of their own… it would be our pleasure to help you host your next outdoor event, or celebrate your wedding as uniquely and as memorably as possible. Give us a call, or stop by our office, and we’d happy to discuss the many creative routes we can set sail with our Sailcloth Tents to make your celebration your very own!  

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