While location, size, theme and season may be some of the key and deciding factors for your outdoor tent rental – there are other elements about your tent rental with which you can be more creative and far more elaborate.  

Let’s consider some of those ways with which we can glamp-up your Metro-Detroit Tent Rental

Flora & Foliage: It is amazing what some beautiful flowers and foliage can do to even the dullest of events or outdoor tents – flowers and leaves have a way of filling up the event space with color, vibrancy, beauty, and a festive spirit. Flowers simply set the magic in motion, and more often than not, you can plan a lot of décor around the flowers and its theme. Also, depending on location and availability, flowers can complement the season the event is in as well (i.e., spring flowers, fall foliage etc.). 

Light It Up: Whether it be pretty string lights, dainty fairy lights, rope lights, even paper lanterns, or any other type of lighting fitting the occasion – lights add so much to the ambiance after dusk, and at night. Lights can be a big part of glamping-up your outdoor tent rental with the right kind of lighting for the right kind of outdoor event and celebration. 

Wooden Dance FloorWhile it is perfectly acceptable to show off your moves on any surface when you are celebrating and dancing, it is both visually appealing and much more practical to have a wooden dance floor at your outdoor event or party. Other than asking the DJ if he or she would mind hanging up the mirror ball light right above the dance floor at the center, you can make sure the dance floor has the right kind of lights and vibes to have everyone grooving. 

Miscellaneous Décor & Furnishings: A few other easy and economical ways to dress up your outdoor event and the space for it are with drapes, fabrics, colored garlands, cushions, furniture, hanging flowers, big flower pots and other such items that will add to and compliment the theme and the tone of your outdoor event. These are often easy and extremely affordable ways of glamping-up your outdoor soiree.   

All these additions and ideas can be tastefully integrated into your special and unique celebrations and, certainly glamp-up your Metro-Detroit Tent Rental, or your tent rental anywhere you choose to work with us. We will help you consider not only the key elements when planning your tent rental, but also many other important factors that will help your outdoor event be both successful and memorable!             Call us anytime to talk about your next outdoor event, and the many ways to glamp-up your celebration – Phone: 586-493-0563