Organizing and planning an outdoor event is a good opportunity to get creative with the venue and time of season or climate you are hosting the event in. With some careful planning and thinking outside the walls, you can actually get a lot done, and throw an awesome outdoor event.

Let’s look at some basic’s that will help you do just that –

1.       No matter what your event maybe, outdoor soiree, wedding, company function or banquet, always start with the tent. Tents tend to give a central, grounding element to your outdoor celebration. At Wahl Tents Event Structures, we offer a wide array of tents you can choose from depending on your venue, purpose, budget, and theme of the party.

2.      Don’t rule out the day or night. People love to gather together on a nice sunny day, a cool night under the stars, a cold winter’s night around a fire, or take in the scents and scenes of fall as the leaves begin to turn color and fall. There is something about the fresh air and the outdoors that make any event memorable and magical.

3.      Use what mother nature gave you. Location is key to any outdoor event, and take advantage of the location’s natural beauty, scenery, or character to make your event unique and interesting. Apart from the clearspan tents or pole tents we carry that are ideal to create a special impression, we specialize in providing the right flooring, tables, chairs, and lighting you may need to make your celebration just right!

With a little advance planning and a creative conversation with us, we can make your next Metro Detroit event as unique or creative as you would want it to be. Come talk to us and we will begin by listening to what you want, and how you want your event to be celebrated and remembered by you and your special guests. Our event planning experts have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with you. Phone: 586-493-0563