Macomb County Frame Tent Rentals

Wahl Tents is well known for Macomb County Frame Tent Rentals. Because of their construction without center poles, frame tents offer a clear unobstructed interior that can be very beneficial for covering certain things like shrubs, pools, patios etc. Another great feature to a frame tent is that is very easy to adjust the side height from 7 to 10 feet and beyond.

Frame tents have more versatility when it comes to anchoring them in more places. Over asphalt/concrete/decks/patios etc. when staking is not an option. You will also find that a frame tent can fit right up snug to a current building because of no exterior anchoring lines.

Side walls are offered in solid white or clear, or just leave the walls off for complete open air.

If unobstructed interior/versatility is what you are in need of and the ClearSpan doesn’t quite fit your budget. Our frame tents are an excellent option!

Contact us today how we can incorporate a Frame tent into your next event in Detroit or any other area, because we travel even out of state.

Advantages of frame tents in Detroit include, there are no center poles of obstructions. Frame tents can be freestanding as well as elegant. They can be fixed on grass, asphalt, concrete or a deck. They give an aesthetically pleasing look to the event. Another advantage you get is, frame tents are flexible. Because of these advantages with frame tents you can easily layout a floor plan. These tents are also very stable and can span over a much wider area.

Set up an appointment with us and one of our experts can recommend the right tent for you according to the type of your event, depending on your requirements, ground surface, and available space.

Frame tents are used for functions, corporate events, parties & weddings in Detroit Michigan.