We at Wahl Tents do tents (and all things tent related) for a living, that is what we do and we are very proud to share with you that according to our customers we are exceptionally good at it, you can check out our customer feedback here: www.wahltentrental.com.  And from over twenty five years of doing outdoor events, from glitzy galas to county festivals, charity events to sporting events, backyard parties to corporate events and everything in between and beyond, we have assembled here a few of our favorite tent décor ideas. We hope the next time you plan your special outdoor event you will consider these ideas and find them helpful.

Party Tent Rentals Dertroit
Rugs on the hardwood floors – rugs can make the tent look warm, inviting and as grand or as homely as you want it to look.

Lighting – we can’t say enough about it! Lighting sets the stage, creates the mood, ignites the ambiance and literally illuminates your special event to be your own. Choose from a variety of colors, shapes, lighting ideas and methods, even chandeliers to create the ‘party’ atmosphere that’s just right for you and your special guests.

Quality Linens – Add the perfect touch of class and sophistication with the right table linens, no matter how grand, large scale or how intimate the gathering or event, linens can create the perfect look and feel for your special event.

Flowers – Nothing dresses the tent up better than flowers. Again make it as unique, understated, colorful or festive as you’d like. Flowers speak a language everyone understands and tents look glorious when they adorn them.

Lanterns – in addition to the lighting you choose for the event, white or colored lanterns to suit the occasion always adds a special touch. They can hang across the ceiling, suspend from it or line the sides of the tent; there is no wrong way to do it with lanterns.

For more great outdoor party and party décor ideas, check out our website at http://wahltentrental.com/ or call us at 586-493-0563, and one of our knowledgeable and creative event planners would be happy to help you plan your next big event!