When customers come to talk to us about their needs and expectations from the outdoor tent rentals from us, more often than not, they are surprised to learn how versatile, affordable and convenient it is to rent frame tents for many different outdoor events and celebrations. 

Frame tents can be used for all types of functions or events in many different designs, sizes and modular configurations. These sturdy frame tents can be erected as big or as small as your event requires space, and without any structural columns or poles in the middle hindering your useable space, these tents offer your event the complete use of all of its space under the canopy roof.  

Frame tents do not require bulky or extended staking and structures, thereby, creating a neat, space saving, unobstructive footprint around your venue and event space. This saves time, money and of course, much needed space for more important things – like your actual event, celebration and your guests.  Its easy modular design offers you more options for clear-top roofing, side walls or panels and a vast choice in flooring and lighting.  

These versatile and sharp looking tents are engineered with tested, durable material for the structures, roofing, canopies and all assembly parts to withstand harsh weather and winds. 

The flexibility and creative configurations the frame tents afford our clients make them an ideal, practical, and indeed an affordable outdoor tenting solution for the glitziest of outdoor events to the most intimate and coziest of celebrations or gatherings. Depending on your event, requirements and unique needs, we can help you add to your frame tents and completely customize your event with special entryways, larger or extended event space, covered walkways connecting to your venue, and link a series or additional frame tents to your main structure and event. Modular frame tents allow for many different, creative and unique possibilities in the sun, rain, wind, or snow.  

These are only a few key benefits for choosing a beautiful and durable frame tent for your next outdoor event, stop by, or call one of our professional and friendly event specialists about what you have in mind for your next outdoor event, and we will be happy to make that happen for you with ease, affordability, and flexibility.  

Note: We are fully stocked, equipped and available for outdoor weddings, galas, corporate and sporting events, festivals and/or for any other outdoor events anywhere in Michigan, or out of state. 

Please call us at: 586-493-0563, or stop by our office in Clinton Township, MI.