1.      Fall is the picking season, so pick as good a day as you can with the help of weather.com and have a possible ‘plan B’ date just in case Mother Nature decides to change things – when you send the invite it is always a good idea to specify ‘weather permitting & if not plan B date is xyz’. Most guests will make a genuine effort to make it on the plan B date in case the original party date does not work out. Also remember when planning your big party here in Metro Detroit, we at Wahl Tents will have you covered no matter what the weather turns out to be on the day of your party, rain or shine, sleet or snow, we will not let you down.


2.      Pick the correct location. Whether it is your backyard, a picturesque spot in Belle Isle or Stony Creek Park or somewhere lovely near the water, be mindful of how many guests you have invited, how many adults, children, anyone with special needs, etc. This way you can plan your space accordingly and make sure everyone is comfortable and well taken care of! So if it is a dance floor you need, crisp white tents and golden lighting giving you and your guests warmth toward the night, or Fall-inspired linens, you name it, Wahl Tents got it!

3.      Create the perfect ambiance and party mood! Think about how many tables, where would the food be served from? Drinks, where can the children play safely and enjoy themselves, what’s the best way to encourage the grown-ups to mingle and socialize without clumping to one spot or only be rooted to the bar? Will the setting allow for a safe fire-pit or two? Or lanterns? Another great Fall ambiance creator is a string of decorative lights on designated areas like the dance floor, eating area and the like. Nothing that Wahl Tents expert and creative event planners can’t help you with!

4.      Plan the perfect menu. Fall is a wonderful time of distinct smells, tastes, looks and sounds, and all of this together create the perfect Fall experience. Work that into your party menu, be it catered or home-made, pot luck & bring-a-dish-to-share, or that final Fall BBQ before frost shows up… make the evening as special and as memorable as the season itself! Talk to any of our experienced event coordinators at Wahl Tents and we’ll be sure to help you host the perfect Fall party, your guests will certainly want an invite again next year!


5.      Last but not least, think about what else you can do to add to the experience, what kind of entertainment you would like for everyone? Games for the kids, even grown-ups, music, dancing, fire-side chats, pumpkin carving etc. etc. With over twenty years of experience providing Metro-Detroit with star class outdoor party and event rentals and planning, know that once you have asked us at Wahl Tents to take care of you and your special party, that is exactly what we will do!

 For more details, call Wahl Tents at (586) 493-0563 or email us at sales@wahltentrental.com