We have a lot of interest from our clients with regard to Event Tents – Detroit. A lot of you here in Metro Detroit, and in the surrounding areas want to know the key factors that contribute the most toward the success of your various outdoor celebrations. While there are always exceptions and unique situations from seasons to reasons, there are a few factors that always contribute massively toward the success of any outdoor tent event. Let’s take a closer look at three of those key factors here –

1)     The weather: It may sound boring and not as exciting as everything else that comes with the glamor or the charm of outdoor event tents, but, if you don’t plan for the weather, then it’s almost like building a house without a foundation. We cannot stress enough about how crucial it is that you pay attention to the weather at the time and day of your event, and then plan your event tent according to the mood of the day or night. We at Wahl Tents Event Structures can help you plan ahead, helping you and your guest stay cool or warm and comfortable throughout your outdoor celebration.

2)    Space: Just as you have chosen to host your celebration in an event tent in the great outdoors… take a que from your surroundings and plan for enough space. Let’s start with your guest list, what your theme is if you have one, are we dancing? Is there a live band, or DJ? What kind of seating are you leaning toward? What other special or unique things are you planning for? If you would share your wish list or requirements with us, we will help you pick an event tent that’s just right for you, your special event, and your guests.

3)    It’s all in the details: Start with planning ahead. Give yourself and us enough time to come up with the best possible plan and option for your event tent. The more time we have, the more attention we can pay to all of the important and little details that will make your outdoor event the success and joy you want it to be. With sufficient time, advanced planning, and careful attention to detail, your dream event is possible! We do it every single year, every single season. We just need you to come and talk to us ahead of time, and share all your details with us.

Wahl Tents Event Structures have been providing customized event tents to unique customers like you with unique event goals, for almost 25 years in Metro Detroit and the surrounding areas. Share your event plans with us, and we’ll take great care of you from phone call to tear down.

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