More often than not, we at Wahl Tents help our customers not only host great events, but also understand what it takes to put on a great event, literally! Let’s look at five key points that help with great event structures.


1. Be in good company! Pick an outdoor event structure company that has earned a sterling, solid reputation for what they do! You want your structure to be solid and safe, that is always a priority. Use the web to do your homework. Be sure to check the online reputation, feedback and customer testimonials of the company you are hiring.

2. Mother Nature is always boss! We cannot stress this enough – always, always check the weather. Be prepared for the appropriate weather conditions, plan wisely! Your guests will love you for it, and the event structure company will provide what is needed for your event and the weather.

3. Watch your space! Plan accordingly for the number of guests, type of food and dining, dancing, music, work space for caterers and vendors, and restrooms and the like. Keep in mind special considerations you may need if you have any physically challenged guests attending your event. Share all of this important information with your event structures company. We at Wahl Tents always make it a point to ask our customers about specifics and special needs even if our customers don’t always remember to share vital information such as this with us. This is where the experience counts.

4. Don’t gamble on the details! When choosing your event structures company, don’t only hire a company which will simply erect a tent or a structure for you. Ask such questions as: What is their safety record? Are all safety standards adhered to? Are there proper fire exits? What about in case of severe wind? Will the guests bee too warm, too cold? What about heating, air conditioning? Dance floor? Lights? Details add up to put on a great event, pay attention to the details!

5. Image is important, always! This is your special event! Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise or shortchange you. Make sure the event structure company puts up a clean, sturdy, impressive looking structure, be it a clear-span structure or a regular tent. When the guests walk in, you don’t want it to look dirty, crumbled or like the cat dragged it in. Impressions matter. Make a great one with Wahl Tents! We look into details like pole coverings, appropriate lighting, linens, tables, chairs, and all the trimmings.

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