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Wahl Tents Event Structures have been setting up and erecting outdoor tents and structures for almost three whole decades now. That is a LOT of tents, outdoor events and weddings, and thousands of happy and pleased customers in Michigan and many other states around the country. This has also provided us with a ton of experience and expertise we can’t really quantify in words or numbers.

We often draw from the almost thirty years of knowledge, wisdom and experience to share best tips with our customers about tenting and outdoor event structures. Today, let’s look at a few solid tips for pole and frame tent rentals.

  • We CANNOT stress enough about choosing the right frame or pole tent for your outdoor event. Often, our customers don’t realize the ideal pole or frame tent is the one that can comfortably and safely fit everyone (all your guests and family and event staff). So, a good starting point is to always take stock of what the event is, how many are coming, what you and your guests will be doing (a silent outdoor auction is very different to an outdoor fall wedding or a summer or spring grad party), and what season the event is being celebrated in.

  • Seasons also bring into focus different weather types and all the requirements that go with each season to maximize comfort for your guests and yourself. The summer heat will often require nice cool air conditioning and walls for your pole or frame tents, and the winter celebrations require sturdy proper flooring, heating, and protection from the cold winds etc. We always advise our clients that it is best to be prepared for any kind of weather beforehand, this way, on the day or night of the event, all you have to do is simply enjoy and not stress about contingencies you didn’t plan for!

  • An equally important factor is safety! We strongly advise you to check with the city, town or county for the proper guidelines and any ordinances that need to be adhered to for celebrating outdoor events BEFORE you rent the pole or frame tents from us. Whether it is your own backyard or by the beach or in the park, it’s always wise to make sure all the safety measures are in place. We practice the most stringent and all industry standard safety measures in erecting, setting up and tearing down of all our pole and frame tents. Our professional crew are not only friendly and efficient, but are well trained in safety and standards as well.

Call on us with confidence and count on our complete assurance for safety and quality, no matter what your requirement is for a pole or frame tent. We are experienced, qualified, and always happy to help you organize your next outdoor event to the next level! Phone: 586-493-0563 or contact us here>>


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