There is always an outdoor party in Metro Detroit. We at Wahl Event structures know it all too well, after all, we are proud to provide the basics, the essentials, and the extras for most of these outdoor events and parties. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, our crew is ready to dispatch, and our outdoor event rentals are in top form to be used for that next special gathering or spectacular event.                                                                                                                

Party rentals in Detroit

Even as we are finishing up the festive season of Christmas and New Year and all the parties that come with, let’s take a quick look at what are some of the basics for any outdoor Detroit party rental

  • An outdoor tent that fits in perfectly with your theme, event, and guests.
  • If you plan on having music, which is almost a must, a dance floor.
  • Extra tables for food, drinks, for a DJ – if you have one, and tables for gifts, if  needed.
  • A stage for the band, if you have live music.

No matter what your theme and celebration maybe, these essentials will not only help you, but will save the day, or night.

You would want your celebration and your party to be remembered long after the day and night is over, here are a few extras to help make it more complete.

  • Depending on the weather and the season, adequate heaters and/or fans.
  • Lighting, the right kind of lighting can create the perfect ambiance for your event.
  • Additional furniture, rugs, or any other items to create the feel and the look of any particular theme you are planning to create – i.e. Western, Seventies, Tropical, etc.

If you are planning that next big party or event, call us for your next Detroit Party Rental, and we’ll help you plan the perfect outdoor party. Find us at or call us at: 586-493-0563