We at Wahl Tents receive a great number of calls and bookings for Detroit outdoor weddings, and we have been helping brides and grooms make their weddings special and spectacular for over twenty years now.
Let’s consider the top five on Detroit outdoor wedding checklist today:

Event planning in Metro Detroit

1. Location – When planning by all means pick your dream location. However, it is always a wise and safe idea to have an alternate location in the event the weather or another reason leaves you with no choice but to find an ‘alternative’ venue.

2. Food, Flowers & Drinks – Summer sun can be a force to reckon with when it comes to keeping your food safe and presentable, your flowers from withering and your drinks cold. Plan ahead! Make sure the caterers and the florists have a way to keep them cold and fresh, or warm and crisp, depending on what your catering and floral needs maybe for your special day.

3. Insect Control – This is definitely something you need to be mindful of BEFORE your big day! Talk to an insect control professional and know what you are dealing with in that local area. Then, have a preventive measure and plan in place ahead of the arrival of all the guests and the wedding party.

4. Party Time – Make sure the DJ or the band has an assigned area for all equipment, power and of course a proper dance floor for dancing and celebrating!

5. Seating and Dining – Know beforehand of any special needs or requirements your guests or elderly guests may have. Is there special seating needed, would all the guests walk, or ride golf carts, or the beautifully decorated tractor??? The possibilities and ideas are endless… the important thing is to make sure it’s fun and safe for you and your guests.

These are only the top five areas we always advise our clients on, the truth is there are so many other areas and details that need to be thought of and planned ahead. We have twenty years of reputable and professional experience in making our clients happy and feel special as their celebrations are. Talk to us at Wahl Tents and we will be happy to help you plan your best event ever! We will work with you to cater to your unique needs and create the most wonderful wedding celebration for you and your guests!
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