Considerations for Outdoor Events and Gatherings with Covid-19 Safety Measures

As some of us, our families, & communities here in the United States, in this case mainly here in Michigan, have begun and are planning to continue holding outdoor events and gatherings, Wahl Tents & Event Structures would like to take this opportunity to reiterate the IMPORTANCE of adhering to the recommendations and protocols set in place by the CDC for the protection of individuals and communities in preventing the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). We at Wahl Tents & Event Structures urge our customers and event planners to be responsible when organizing and planning these outdoor events or gatherings. Please be socially and personally responsible when determining factors for your event or events, be it for your own backyard gathering, school, neighborhood, church, organization, office, community or town. We strongly encourage you to keep in mind the unique safety needs that are true to your event, location, and group, and to make important and necessary considerations, implementations, and adjustments to keep your group, outdoor gathering/event, and local community safe. We simply cannot afford not to! 

Do bear in mind that the COVID-19 virus spread varies from country to country, State to State, and community to community. Therefore, we once again urge you to utilize the CDC guidelines and considerations in a manner to supplement and in no way to replace our own Michigan State or local county, or community safety and health laws, regulations, and compliances that are set in place in order to safeguard the public. 

We at Wahl Tents & Event Structures want to encourage all of our customers, and all outdoor event & gathering planners/organizers to closely and carefully assess your own local community and the outdoor gathering safety factors based on prevailing conditions unique to your event and date. This will certainly help you determine if your outdoor gathering/event should be postponed or if you would need to reduce the number of attendees for the gatherings, or extend the space of your gathering so as to create ample and safe social distancing space etc. We urge you to monitor current conditions just for that reason, so that you may make necessary changes and adjustments for yours and everyone’s safety and wellbeing.  

We at Wahl Tents & Event Structures are always looking out for our customers and our community’s safety, wellbeing, and success! We can help you with creating and enlarging your outdoor gathering space with a wide range and styles of tents to choose from, not forgetting all of the essentials and accessories needed. Let’s keep each other safe! Call us anytime – (586) 493-0563