We at Wahl Tents Event Structures try to cover as many trending or needed topics as possible for our valued clients here, for each outdoor event season. With this blog entry, we will try to answer some of the many questions we have been receiving on the basic do’s and don’ts for outdoor event tent rentals.

Do take customer reviews seriously – Trust your special event and occasion to an outdoor tent rental and event equipment company that boasts of gold star ratings and great customer reviews.

Do book in advance – It’s all about timing and booking your outdoor tent or tents well in advance. There is no such thing as too early in these advance bookings.

Do respect the law – Well ahead of your event, make sure to learn what outdoor laws and ordinances the city or the public area sets forth as rules to abide by.

Do Plan – Plan, and plan in advance not only with your core suppliers and vendors, but with everyone who will make your outdoor event a success and a happy celebration.

Don’t make the cost your only deciding factor when choosing your outdoor tent rental company. Cheap does not always and automatically translate into your best and most affordable option. We at Wahl Tents Event Structures constantly help our customers obtain both value and elegance without compromising one for the other.

Don’t forget the preparations at site – This is important because this will help you plan for everything as realistically as possible for the day of the event; from everything on how the sun will glare or what time it will get dark. Don’t forget to have a rain plan as well.

Don’t overload – Don’t overload your tent or your event structure by ordering a size too small. Make sure you plan your structure to comfortably fit the number of guests you will host and the type of event you will celebrate.

Don’t overlook the point person – Things will flow a lot smoother for you and for your event tent rental company, if you had a point person from your end, to work with the point person from their end. There is no room for lost in translations or miscommunications this way. Everything gets done efficiently and as planned.

We at Wahl Tents Event Structures know a thing or two about outdoor event tent rentals and equipment, we will be sure to share our experience and do’s and don’ts with you as we work with you on your next outdoor event together. Reach out to us at Phone:      586-493-0563  http://wahltentrental.com/