With the start of year-end festivities and the Holiday season now officially here, the inquiries and searches for Detroit outdoor corporate event rentals are fast gaining track and popularity. Companies are eager to book outdoor structures and tents and secure the suitable and needed housing they need for their year-end and holiday activities and celebrations.  

If you are looking to plan and put together your company soiree, we want to make sure you are considering some of the key elements in planning for your corporate event, and for the outdoor structures and tents needed for the same.  

  • Begin by outlining the theme of your company celebration or the reason, i.e., Christmas party, year-end holiday gala, farewell party, charity auction and dinner, etc., etc. And, with that who your guests are – company employees and families only, shareholders and other important community members, local or other celebrities, or departmental group only etc. 
  • Have an exact event budget and stick to it. Your accounting department will love you for this, and you and your event planning committee will be a lot less stressed and actually enjoy the event you are planning. 
  • Secure your venue, location, special guests, or guests of honor as early as possible. Have specific contracts and advances paid, and all your T’s crossed and I’s dotted to avoid any confusion or disappointment later on. 
  • Just as importantly, also secure your outdoor event tent and structure company and have exact details and contracts agreed upon – we know from experience, this is an extremely demanding time, and there are times when companies will not be able to secure the outdoor tent or structure they require because there is no available inventory that late into the holiday season. So don’t wait till it’s too late. 
  • Same rule applies for catering, music, entertainment etc., etc. The earlier you plan, the earlier you decide on what and who you want, and when, the more successful your corporate event will be, and the more fun your colleagues and guests will have. 

Wahl Tents Event Structures carries an extensive, professional grade, clean and wonderfully wide choice of outdoor tents and outdoor structures to suit any type and size of corporate event or gala. Along with a friendly and creative team of professionals who are happy to help and work with you, we can offer you tables, chairs, and many other tasteful accessories you need to make your corporate event a grand success.

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