In these unprecedent and pressing times, as we in our communities throughout our great state of Michigan and beyond, work hard to achieve a ‘new normal’ and build back our lives, our economy, and our American way of living, Wahl Tents Event Structures continue to remain steadfast and committed to providing long term outdoor tenting and structure equipment to help keep our communities, Michigan, and America ‘open’ for business and work, and to help do that safely. 

With Michigan and America still very much in the battle to control Covid-19 from amidst our communities, we recognize that the growing need for long term tents and tenting solutions is widespread and increasing. Wahl Tents Event Structures is continuing to offer dependable and rapid deployment of all outdoor long-term tents and tenting solutions to anywhere in the country at very short notice. Our experienced, professional, and skilled crews are standing by with clean, available, and sturdy tents and outdoor structure equipment that can be transported and set up at a location or multiple locations of your choice. 

Hospitals needing additional screening or working space, restaurants needing more social distancing space, medical practices or clinics requiring more medical tents, offices needing more space for employee screening, schools or campuses requiring additional space for screening, distancing or both, and various other venues/golf clubs/resorts/etc. needing the space to distance and screen people can utilize the long-term outdoor structures and tents as a viable and sturdy space creating solution.  

These long-term tents and tenting solutions can be quickly and sturdily erected and set up on grass, asphalt, concrete/cement, and virtually anywhere. They can be set up adjacent, parallel to, connecting buildings, across from properties, etc., the options and solutions can vary in size, format, budget, creativity and the type of tents – as can the flooring and even the tent accessories you may choose to opt for your long-term tent and tenting solutions in Detroit, the suburbs of Detroit, or anywhere you may need an outdoor long-term tent! 

We are in this fight together, and we are in this to win! Let’s stay open, let’s keep working, let’s keep living our lives and keep moving forward! However, let’s do it right and let’s do it safely, so we are moving forward and resolving matters and not adding to the pandemic. Let’s take care of each other, and let’s be socially and personally responsible. We are as always, here to help – These numbers don’t change: (586) 493-0563