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With Christmas and the holidays fast approaching, let us examine practical safety measures for gatherings and events this Holiday Season, and how to modify our celebrations to spread on the cheer… and NOT Covid-19!

If you are not celebrating the holidays virtually, or celebrating part-virtual and part-in-person, or only in-person safely, let’s look at how to be socially responsible and how best to minimize the risks involved in hosting or attending a holiday gathering or event this festive season.

First things first! Really first! Before you plan anything to celebrate the holidays or gather with friends and loved ones, we strongly recommend that you check for any and all State and local health and safety laws, ordinances, and regulations that might apply. It is also a good idea to consider the unique risks/benefits posed by each in-person event, and since outdoor gatherings or socially distanced gatherings are considered the safest, plan your gathering or event very much with the space you have in mind. Your indoor space can accommodate fewer people when socially distancing, and you can safely invite more people who are risk-free if you were using an event tent or outdoor structure to create the additional space for your guests and yourself.

While you want to keep your guest list small or comfortably able to socially distance, doing a temperature check BEFORE the guests join the gathering or the event is both prudent and necessary. Encourage people who are feeling sick or displaying any symptoms to be responsible and not attend (again, temperature checks at the event are important). Regardless of how large your event space maybe, and then the number of guests you will safely, responsibly celebrate the holidays with, make sure your guest list is accurate and correct with current and correct contact information. This way, should you need to contact them for anything after your gathering, that should be easy.

During the event, careful social distancing among guests, guests and hosts wearing masks that properly cover the nose and mouth, good frequent hand washing and hygiene, limiting contact with commonly used surfaces or disinfecting them often, and safely handling food and drinks are extremely important to keeping everyone safe.

In the event someone should develop symptoms of COVID-19 or someone tests positive, immediately contact the host (if you are not the host) and other guests who attended the event (this is why having guest contact information is important and wise). This will help to reduce the spread of COVID-19, if someone does test positive.

The holidays this year will involve much extra planning, care and effort. But, celebrating responsibly and safely will help you, your family, your loved ones, and friends to celebrate without the high risk of becoming infected with or spreading the COVID-19 virus. And that, is all the justification and reason we need to modify our celebrations to spread on the cheer, and ONLY the cheer!

This is a courtesy post from your favorite Detroit Event Tent Rental Company wishing you, and all your loved ones a safe, healthy, happy and peaceful Christmas and Holiday Season! Warmest wishes from our tent to yours! Phone: (586) 493-0563

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