The ‘Clear’ Benefits of a ClearSpan Tent for Weddings

While the title is a definite play on words as it maybe, the ClearSpan tents do have its share of unique and beautiful advantages they bring with them to your wedding. 

These sturdy light-permitting outdoor structures, with their wide-open interiors allow for a very creative utilization of form and space, an elegant aesthetic appeal, and expansive decorating options from end to end, and all-around. This is considered to be one of the biggest benefits of the ClearSpan tents – the sheer space that is made available on the inside by design. With a complete frame structure that is outside of your ‘wedding space’, with no center poles, other supporting beams or pillars that can get in the way of your event space, your interior space is all yours to celebrate uninhibited. 

Engineered to withstand the fiercest elements of gusty winds, rain and snow, the ClearSpan tents offer superior weather protection on your big day. Another very significant benefit of ClearSpan tents is that these structures also have a high level of HVAC efficiency, which makes climate control a both comfortable and practical option for you and your guests as you enjoy your special day together. While you obviously would wish for a gorgeous day outside of your tent, just in case mother nature decides to switch things up a bit, you are still plenty prepared inside your ClearSpan tent no matter what the weather conditions may turn out to be that day. 

These airy tents are scalable, and therefore, their modular nature allows you to extend them to very large sizes, and safely host a large number of guests with Covid-19 safety protocols and social distancing measures adhered to and followed closely. 

We at Wahl Tents Event Structures are proud of our extensive line of ClearSpan structures and the elegant event hosting solutions we can offer you with them for your wedding. We are confident the ClearSpan tents will help you to elevate the outdoor space to your own and create your own unique ambiance on your wedding day, while providing you and your guests with the comfort and protection you need. 

Your wedding is not just another ordinary day! Tell us about what you have in mind… We have a wide range of options, capabilities, tenting solutions, and experiences, and we love helping our clients put together their perfect outdoor wedding.   

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