When it comes to outdoor tents, Clearspan rental tents by their nature give you the clearest span of space void of obstructions and poles or any other structural interruptions within the tent. When planning that spectacular event, for the event planner or the party organizer, this is quite the delight taking into consideration that there are no common hindrances to deal with or work around such as sectional poles or site-lines that are inherent and often bothersome with traditional pole tents.


Clearspan rental tents are thought of more as temporary buildings rather than tents with their smaller foot prints, clean and tidy set-up, upkeep, and the appearance that is of a real building. These beautiful tents also allow for very practical use of space and movement in terms of use and functionality, providing ample room for you and your guests to move around freely and comfortably with a higher roof and space all around. Clearspan tents make way for better ventilation, space, durability, and are engineered to withstand the many harsh elements different seasons and reasons Mother Nature brings your way. Clearspan tents also add a very glamorous look to your whole event just by the shape, size, and how it stands and sits at an outdoor event.

These structurally sound, beautiful tents can be used for long or short term installations no matter what the season or terrain maybe. We at Wahl Event Structures provide flooring and all other accessories needed to make your Clearspan event rental a grand success. Talk to us about what you have in mind, and we’d be happy to help you get started. http://wahltentrental.com/ Phone: 586-493-0563