Clearspan Party tent rentals are often a very fine and elegant choice to your outdoor tent, canopy tents and event structure solutions. These tents offer a beautiful line of tenting options in aesthetics and versatility when it comes to outdoor events and celebrations. Additionally, due to their sheer durability and ease of set-up, clearspan party tent rentals are also a very practical and ideal choice for transitional or temporary space during building, warehouse, storage, and other such renovations to your current commercial or working venue.

Clearspan party tent rentals are ideal long term outdoor space and storage solutions; they are easy to install, offer the maximum space available with any outdoor tenting option with unobstructed and very functional use of interior space, ability to be erected almost on any kind of terrain and season, extremely sturdy and durable structure and strength, and ease of customizing your new transition space to suit the unique and varying  requirements of your staff, members, customers, storage, or any other user group or function.

There is no need for your renovation or building work to set you back or cause hindrance to the daily functions of your warehouse, office, country club, sports pavilion, or any other building structure, Clearspan Structures are completely engineered to provide an expansive, durable and secure atmosphere suitable for any short or long-term transitional space you may need.

Clearspan tent structures are a safe and viable solution to your space problems during office, building, and facility renovations and improvements. These clearspan structures work well as long- or short-term outdoor tent and structure rentals. Find out how we at Wahl Tents Event Structures can help with your temporary or transitional building solutions.  Phone: 586-493-0563