The popularity for clear top tent rentals is on the rise, and this is fast becoming a strong and great tent choice among brides, party planners, event managers, and other outdoor event coordinators and hosts. Gone are the days where a sizable chunky mid post was erected smack in the middle of the party, obstructing a clear and clean expanse of the entire venue. These modern and re-imagined clear top tents provide the event organizers and hosts with a complete blank space inside the tent, affording them the much-valued opportunity to plan, design and host the wedding, event, or outdoor gathering with as much creativity and flair as they would like. With the luxurious option of the entire space of the clear top tent available to you and your guests, you can enjoy your celebration or host your event with comfort, style and plenty of space from end to end.

Clear top tents offer you the unique benefit of the real magic of the outdoors… be it a starry night in the summer, a bright spring day with sunlight gleaming in, the clear top tent roof all lit up to create a winter wonderland, or giving you a full view of all the colors and sights of a beautiful fall day. With no encumbrances and obstacles getting in the way of your guests, your event staff and caterers, the DJ or band, you can mingle freely, dance, entertain and dine with comfort and ease.

Clear top tents are an extremely versatile and spacious tent option for any event, wedding, festival, corporate banquet, or outdoor celebration. We can set them up on many different terrains, and around tress, fountains, pools, flower beds and much more giving you your own unique floor plan. The clear top tent, coupled with the ideal lighting and flooring is a creative and elegant choice for any size, type, and imaginative outdoor celebration or event.

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