Summer is here and between weddings, festivals, picnics, and numerous corporate events tents are in high demand here at Wahl Tents.

The latest, greatest tents that are available for rental are our Clear Top Tents and our ever popular Clear Span Tents.

Detroit clear span structures

The question is what is the difference?

When it comes to the benefits of a Clear-Top tent the following perks apply!

  1. Clear-top tents put you directly in line with nature without the worry of ruining a skyline view with a weather forecast calling for rain.
  2. Clear-top tents provide coverage but not shade for those gorgeous crisp, sunny fall days.
  3. Clear-top tents can totally provide a one-of-a-kind unique theme and atmosphere when specialty lighting or twinkle lights are added.
  4. Visually they are just downright impressive for guests to enter when they arrive at the event.
  5. Perfect for stargazing and fireworks.

Structure Tents for Corporate Events

As far as our Clear-Span tents go the following advantages are as follows:

  1. Clear span structures can be solid or clear topped.
  2. Clear-Span tents are specifically engineered for high wind gusts which is often a requirement for inner city permitting.
  3. Clear-Span tents maximize space for your special event and have no viewer obstruction because they feature cathedral ceilings no interfering center poles.
  4. Clear-Span tents are the best choice for long term rentals.
  5. Clear Span tents are the most sought after structures in the industry as they are the most modern and top of the line structures out there to date.

Please feel free to contact one of our special event consultants for further information, availability, and pricing.