Clearspan tents

Metro Detroit Events

Organizing and planning an outdoor
event is a good opportunity to get creative with the venue and time of season
or climate you are hosting the event in. With some careful planning and
thinking outside the walls, you can actually get a lot done, and throw an
awesome outdoor event.

Let’s look at some basic’s that will help you […]

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Detroit Party Rentals

There is always an outdoor party in Metro Detroit. We at Wahl Event structures know it all too well, after all, we are proud to provide the basics, the essentials, and the extras for most of these outdoor events and parties. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, our crew is ready to dispatch, and our […]

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Clearspan Party Tent Rentals

Clearspan Party tent rentals are often a very fine and elegant choice to your outdoor tent, canopy tents and event structure solutions. These tents offer a beautiful line of tenting options in aesthetics and versatility when it comes to outdoor events and celebrations. Additionally, due to their sheer durability and ease of set-up, clearspan […]

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Clearspan Rental

When it comes to outdoor tents, Clearspan rental tents by their nature give you the clearest span of space void of obstructions and poles or any other structural interruptions within the tent. When planning that spectacular event, for the event planner or the party organizer, this is quite the delight taking into consideration that […]

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