Wahl Tents is happy to share with you that we are your best rental partner for Structure Tents in Michigan, or even out of State. With many options and ideas to choose from, here are a few things to note regarding our Structure Tents:

Structure Tents MI

Benefits of Structure Tents

  • These are very solid tents; they can be staked into the ground or weighted when setting up.
  • Structure tents are also a very comfortable option. They do a great job of retaining heat to keep you and your guests from running for cover!
  • They can be accessorized. We can cater to your very unique and individual needs with Structure Tents, we can add walls, flooring and lighting, etc.
  • Structure Tents are great option for your special event in the hot summer weather as well.
  • Last, but not least, Structure Tents provide you with the open floor plan in the outdoors within a tent. They create an unobstructed, open, clear structure and space for you to host your event with no poles or blocks.

Here in Michigan, we could confidently recommend that a structure tent is a solid tent choice for any year-round event you may plan. These durable Structure Tents have a great look to them and you can dress them up to be formal, romantic, fun, corporate themed and so much more!

Engineered to withstand extreme winds or inclement weather, these Structure Tents will suit any of your special event needs and requirements. We guarantee it!
Talk to us at Wahl Tents about Structure Tents and all your event needs, and we would be happy to help you plan your special event anytime of the year. http://wahltentrental.com/   Phone: 586-493-0563