Outdoor celebrations and events (and how to do them, and do them safely!) have never received the attention, interest, and focus as they do now. With communities from coast to coast struggling and working so hard to come out of the Covid-19 pandemic and its after-effects, communities and families are eager to try and return to a ‘new normal’ and build back their lives and way of living… Communities and families are of course urged to, and HAVE to put safety first in our efforts to building back and returning to normalcy again.  

In the past few months, the word, the concept of what is ‘normal’ have opened a whole new understanding for us here at Wahl Tents Event Structures. While at the beginning and during the worst period of this pandemic frontline workers, essential workers, and other caregivers were fighting to save lives and keep people safe and authorities were scrambling to keep communities safe, when restrictions lifted and people were able to gather with distance – have outdoor gatherings or attend church with social distancing in place etc. –  ‘affordable event tent rentals in Metro Detroit’ took on a whole new level of search, but more so, a whole new level of need!  

This has become the ‘new normal’ – and people are eager, and in some cases for the lack of a better term – almost desperate, to find ways to socially distance and gather to celebrate a wedding, a milestone birthday, christening, moving away or goodbye party, anniversary, or whatever the reason, or memory making celebration maybe. The last few months have shown us more than ever what helps make life ‘normal’ to families, how lonely and disconnected people get, when families, communities or people can’t be together, and how socially distanced outdoor gatherings became a balm to people when they could see each other under a tent, their family, friends or loved ones, even at a six foot distance.

This is what we are witnessing, and we have been doing affordable event tent rentals in Metro Detroit and in the surrounding areas for almost 25 years now! Never have people needed each other more than now, be it a family unit, a church, hospital, neighborhood, soup kitchen, school, or your work place. We need each other, and the need to ‘socialize’ or gather together is an innate, basic, essential human need. We at Wahl Tents Event Structures fully realize that, and even as we continued to pitch tents all across our local communities essential care locations at the height of the pandemic day in and day out, we are still here pitching our affordable event tents in Metro Detroit, Up North, and all-around helping families and communities gather together safely, tent after tent.  

We are serious about working with you to set up your affordable event tent rental for your community, neighborhood, or family gathering. Call us anytime – (586) 493-0563