Once you’ve got your tent booked, don’t forget the small details that will keep your guests comfortable and give them the most enjoyable experience possible.

1. Side Walls — You’re hoping for beautiful weather for your event, but Mother Nature can be unpredictable. Unexpected winds and rain can make for uncomfortable guests. Although your tent will protect guests from above, wind and rain can make their way to your guests through the sides. It’s a great idea to have side walls on-hand that can be put up in the event of nasty weather. It’s not necessary to enclose your entire tent, but strongly consider renting side walls for at least one or two sides of your tent. Better safe than sorry!

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2. High-Top Tables — High-top tables are a great way to get your guest to mingle! Consider placing a few near your bar area and/or around the dance floor. Also placing a few high-tops outside of your tent lets guests enjoy the sunshine and
provides an area for smokers to not bother non-smoking guests.

3. Fans — Air circulation is key on a hot summer day, so consider renting some type of fans to keep the air moving in your tent. Hint: Stand-up fans are also a great way to keep bugs away from food tables!

4. Lighting — Do you expect your event to last into the evening? If so, don’t leave your guests in the dark! Wahl Tents offers a variety of lighting options from simple streamer lights to fancy chandeliers.

5. Extra Tables — Tables aren’t just for eating! Consider your particular event and plan accordingly. Graduation parties often need extra tables for food as well as for displaying photos and memorabilia. Wedding and baby showers need a place for gifts to be stored and opened. Think about this ahead of time so you don’t find yourself short of table space come the big day.

Think these things over and decide what you need. With all rental equipment, the sooner you know what you need and reserve it, the better!